Like all Americans, Veterans face cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the other illnesses that plague our citizens.  However, because of their military experience, Veterans also face the following health challenges:

  • Mental Health, which includes PTSD and suicide
  • Toxic exposures resulting from burning of toxins, embedded shrapnel, and weaponized airborne chemicals
  • Substance abuse ranging from alcohol to opioids
  • Hearing loss from close-proximity to loud weapons firing
  • Traumatic brain injury from IEDs
  • Lost limbs from IEDs

BRINM serves as the administrator and conduit for funding from external sources to VA researchers.  The research is focused towards improving the lives of Veterans.  Without BRINM, researchers at the VA would not have access to such funding and medical research and related education would not take place.

Dan Sandweiss is the Executive Director

Lisa Gallegos is the Human Resources Administrator/Assistant Director

Alisha Saiz is the Grants Manager

Jennifer Hogan is the CRSO Manager

BRINM administers funding and contracts for a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Basic research to discover drugs to reduce opioid dependency
  • Investigation of the use of inexpensive drugs, such as metformin, for new applications
  • Phase II and Phase III testing of Covid vaccines and medicines
  • Establishment of biomarkers for treatment of PTSD
  • Neuropsychological assessment of comorbid TBI and PTSD
  • Development and support for Veterans’ self-reported health effects with embedded shrapnel
  • Professional development of podiatry physicians in training
  • National clinical program that offers free, multi-gene pharmacogenomic testing for veterans

There are a number of options. If you are a member of the community, you can volunteer to serve on the board. If you are a veteran, you can volunteer for a clinical trial.  Regardless of your status, you can donate to BRINM to support its efforts. Click here to contact BRINM.

You can designate that your donation fund a particular type of research or education, or a specific researcher. You can also donate to BRINM itself to support its role in facilitating biomedical research and education that supports Veterans.