Clinical Trials

BRINM collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and non-profit organizations to hold clinical trials on the VA campus with Veteran volunteers. Most Veterans feel an obligation towards service and are interested in volunteering in drug trials that could help their fellow Veterans.

Pharmaceutical companies work through BRINM to run their clinical trials and to make sure that contracts and financial transactions are handled properly.

The Albuquerque VA is of special interest for drug trials because of the diversity of its Veteran population diversity. In 2020, 25% of its hospital patients were Hispanic and 5% were Native American. Medicines can impact races and ethnicities in different ways, so drug developers want to test their products on people of all different backgrounds.  The Albuquerque VA is fertile ground for such trials.

Albuquerque VA Hospital vs. National VA population by race

BLACK 4%12.3%
ASIAN 0.4%1.8%
WHITE 64%75.6%

*Total patients seen in 2020: 56,781

The health and safety of clinical trial participants is paramount.  To that end, all clinical trials must be approved by the local R&D Committee and the Institutional Research Board.  Many other controls before and during the trials are put into place, as well.

BRINM welcomes inquiries from organizations interested in holding clinical trials on its VA campus.

Examples of recent clinical trials include:
  • Vaccine for Covid 19
  • Inpatient medication for Covid 19
  • Medication to treat patients with moderate Covid 19
  • Medication for Maintenance Treatment of Anemia in Subjects with Non-Dialysis-Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Influenza Vaccine to Effectively Stop Cardio Thoracic Events and Decompensated Heart Failure